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As Tanner and Samantha began to question the modern LDS Church, they briefly entertained the teachings of Denver Snuffer (Tanner was actually re-baptised according to Snuffer’s teachings).Earlier this year, both Tanner and Samantha left the LDS Church, and recently co-founded the new post-Mormon millennial blog called Zelph On The "We do not politic in our chapels, and exploiting this recording for political purposes is inconsistent with the nature of our worship services," he said. Kester said she is not Mormon, but her husband is and Savannah has been raised in the religion."I do not choose to be this way and this is not a fad," Savannah told the congregation on May 7. She turned around to listen to something a man in a suit told her and then was walked down from the pulpit."Can you sit down? Kester said her daughter came and cried in her lap.

Mormon theology is similar to Catholicism in the sense that it proclaims that Sundays must be a day of rest dedicated to God and the family."God loves me just this way."Her mother, Heather Kester, said Friday that her daughter was passionate about coming out in church to be a voice and example for other LGBT children who struggle for acceptance within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.She asked that Savannah's full name be withheld to protect her privacy.Although Mormonism takes this even further by insisting that no TV can be viewed on Sundays and that children are not allowed to play with their friends on the “day of rest”.Dark Skin Turns White It wasn’t until 1978 when black men could be given priesthood in the LDS church.

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The LDS church was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith.

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